August 19, 2006

Kemer – Antalya – Turkey

Yacht Cruising among the islands of the Aegean and along the coast of the Mediterranean must rank among life’s extravagant pleasures. Cruising from island to island and inlet to inlet, being waited on in style and living in comfort, swimming in deserted bays or mooring in an ancient harbor to visit a classical city, the life style is unrivalled, sybaritic and totally relaxing. It is the best way to view the breathtaking Turkish coastline.

The chosen cruising ground is rich with historic sites, ancient cities and unique rock tombs. The experience of seeing blue waters and green nature embrace each other can only be described as priceless. The crystal clear water makes it ideal for swimming, enjoying water sports and exploring marine world. Sit back, relax and let the experienced captain, crew and chef take you on a journey that will stay with you forever.

Blue Cruise’s specially designed hand crafted Gullet’s provide for every comfort of modern travelers. Gullet’s are traditional Turkish motor vessels, beautifully crafted designed to ensure the Gullet holiday is one of the most memorable available in Turkey. If you really want to have life’s little luxuries on board you must try deluxe gullets. The deluxe Gullet’s is larger than the standard Gullet with the bigger lounge and hairdryer, shower cubicle with hot water and air conditioner. The interior saloon is fitted with television, stereo hi-fi system and a fully stocked bar.

There is plenty of space on deck for sunbathing, relaxing under awnings and eating outside. Luxury Gullet’s are also equipped with a large deep freezer and icemaker. Each vessel has a minimum crew of three, captain, chef and steward for a safe cruise, free of chores and worries. Dishes of mouth-wateringly delicious Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine are prepared to a high standard of hygiene, presentation and taste. Luxury Gullet’s are not only splendid sailing vessels but also excellent water sports platforms with windsurfer, dinghy, fishing and snorkeling equipment for your pleasure on board.

Certainly the best way of getting everything you expect from a sailing holiday. Relax on board a luxury Gullet whilst the captain and crew do all the work, leaving your cares and worries behind. The choice is yours.

Kemer Yacht tour
Our yacht will set out from the Kemer port and will proceed until the shores of Phaselis, which is an archaic city: The boundless nonwavy sea, wonderful appearance of some rocks on the bank, caves beaches, coves and an a permanently fresh air…

A break and sea will wait for you in the small bay comprising Phalesis, the archaic city located on the foots of the olympus mountain and which has a rich ancient history. Here, you will see (at addtional charges) ruins of the ancient aqueduct, which, once upon a time, met the water need of the people, Roman batth, amphitheater and many other interesting places

During stops for a rest, you can bathe, sunbathe and have your idyll-styled lunches, as well as you can order your favorite drinks at bars. Indoor and out door places accompanied by harmonious waves will prevent you from feeling the excitement of the sun on the yachtand having a good time in shadow watching nature’s wonders. Besides, you can anjoy other kinds of services including “banana”, water skiing, parachuting or Jet Ski.

Daily Tour (Olympus)
Departure is from Kemer Harbour. After an 1-hour of breathtaking traveling beetween the meeting point of Tourus Mountains and Mediterranean the first stop for swimming will be at the ancient city Phaselis. After half hour the journey will continue to Olympus. Leaving Phaselis behind us after 1,5-hour journey, you will meet another ancient city Olympus! The holy mountain, where in mitos gog ve goddesses live their life in harmony…

Here you will be served lunch with delightful Turkish food at the open buffed. After lunch, 2 more swimming breaks will be given around other gorgeous bays. After this bay another break for swimming will be given in a 3rd bay. During your blue journey seasonal fruit will be served. Subsequently, you will be at the Kemer harbour.

Tour 1 Marmaris – Fethiye- Marmaris
Tour 2 Marmaris – Hisarönü – Marmaris
Tour 3 Marmaris – Bodrum – Marmaris
Tour 4 Marmaris to Bodrum
Tour 5 Bodrum – Gökova – Bodrum
Tour 6 Antalya – Kaş – Antalya


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August 19, 2006

Bodrum – Muğla – Turkey

We would like to welcome you aboard m/s Xanthos 3, a comfortable 21 meter gulet for a cruise of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas in Turkey , where the green forests meet with the blue sea. Spend your time fishing, swimming in crystal clear water or just relaxing on the top deck. For the more energetic there are ancient sites or trekking through the pine forests. Plan your cruise from 2 days to 2 weeks or more… All of our crew speak English and German.

We would like to welcome you aboard m/s Xanthos 3, a comfortable 21 meter Gulet. Spend your time fishing, swimming in crystal clear water or just relaxing on top deck. For the more energetic there are ancient sites or trekking through the pine forests. Plan your cruise from 2 days to 2 weeks. Our crew speaks English and German and our guests are fully insured.

* For up to 12 persons
* 6 cabins with double berths
* Each cabin with WC and warm shshower
* Saloon with bar and kitchen
* Ourdoor -indoor dining facilities
* Crew quarters

It is possible to arrange the transfers from Bodrum,Dalaman or Izmir airport on extra charge.

This is a cruise with a traditional wooden boat along the spectacular South West coastline of Turkey where Aegean and Mediterranean meets. Soon after a Turkish writer described his unforgettable experience as Blue Voyage, these unique words became the symbol to one of the most desired ways to spend a holiday. Back in history, these wooden crafts were used as coastal transportation vessels along the same area.

Now custom-built for cruising in comfort they serve Blue Voyagers with their friendly turkish crews and ensure a wonderfully enjoyable cruise. The cruising season runs from early April through the end of October. The most pleasant months afloat are May & June and September & October.

You can choose to take your own food and/or drinks or to take full board services for $20 per person per day (drinks excluded). Drinks are also available on board. If you decide to take your own food, our cook will be pleased to prepare it. The crew will also be pleased to assist you to the local supermarket. If you have special wishes for example you are a vegetarian, please notify us so that we can adjust our meals.

Bodrum – Datça – Marmaris
Marmaris – Göçek – Fethiye
Marmaris – Hisarönü Bay
Fethiye – Kalkan – Kaş
Kaş – Finike – Kemer – Antalya


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August 19, 2006

Bodrum – Muğla – Turkey

The Blue Voyage is a crewed yacht charter, cruising along Turkey’s Aegean and Mediterranean coast with traditional built wooden yachts, called Gulet’s. It is an ideal way to explore Turkeys unspoiled southwest coast line, with its rocky peninsulas, sandy coves and islands. It is an area rich in historical remains.

Today Blue Voyages, have grown to an important part of Turkish tourism delighting thousands of tourists every year. Since then the humble and small boats of old days changed without losing their special character to the Gulets of defined standards as well in the comfortable and spacious cabins as on deck.

Blue Voyages represent an unique possibility to do several things together and combine different activities (even different holidays!) in one. Cevat Sakir and his friend’s aim in these voyages was, while enjoying the natural geographical beauties of the coast lines, to discover antique monuments and remains of the various and rich Anatolian civilizations at the same time… And indeed they discovered such historic places, which were only accessible from the sea. Do like he did and discover on his traces the new and unknown!

Or just let the others do it and enjoy sun and sea. Swim through the crystal-water-bays, do water sports, climb the hills offshore and visit remote villages. Or be lazy on deck with your favorite book and learn to extend time… Many participants of Blue Voyages told in accordance that they felt full of new energies and like reborn after one of these trips…. which explains the number of people addicted to this kind of holidays.

The Yacht Charter provides the opportunity of seeing the archeological remains of ancient civilisations like Knidos, Kaunos, Myria, Kekova, Phaselis etc. Many of them on the coast (and even under sea).

Compared with vacations in hotels a Blue Voyage opens new horizons in the sense of the word. First of all every day view and environments are changing and a new bay or island is waiting for you. There are many excursions and sightseeings on shore to be done. Our experienced captain and his crew will have the pleasure to take you to all these places.

Private Yacht Charter
Private Yacht Charter is when the yacht is rented by a group or a person privately..We believe that private charter is the best of all ways to catch the spirit of Blue Voyage. First of all, you have the chance to share the boat just with people you know. Then you are setting up program and route along your own preferences. Nowadays Blue voyage vacations are not only in use for business, family and other circle of friends and acquaintances but in use for other aims. If we list in order ;

Small business meetings and seminaries, To reward managers and franchisers, Education in Paintings, music and other art branches, Language courses, Honeymoon and marriage ceremonies, And more… Blue Voyage creates a perfect atmosphere and opportunity for such activities.

Advantages of Yacht Charter
Only you and your friends take part, you are not being together with people you don’t know. Your menu is special. You decide about menu and meals. There is no determined route before. Wherever you want to go you go. Wherever you want to stay longer you have chance to stay. You don’t have to give an effort for something; your team is preparing everything for you. You are in the hands of a Captain and crew whose occupation is tourism.

Life on Board
Modern Gulets are like swimming hotels. They are equipped with everything a visitor can expect. Most of the boats have air-conditioning and all comfort in their spacious cabins. And of course the large decks, where you will spend most of your journey, invite you to have sunbath, recreation and gorgeous meals.

When you wake up in the morning we propose you to swim in the clear waters of a natural bay; if you wish you can start a day with diving. With these magnificent bays, clean air and beauties of the landscape around you will be appetizing. You won’t forget our excellent breakfasts in that setting! Then you may swim again, do some surfing or discover the nearby countryside. Or your Gulet reaches out for new shores.

Usually everyone finds his/her favorite holidays on our ships, may he/she be sportive, discoverer, adventurer or a modern Diogenes in search of dйtente. Most of our Gulets are equipped with snorkels, flippers, canoe or surfboard. If you wish you might try your chance to fish, and if you catch some your cook on board will be very pleased to prepare them for you.

Short trips to many kind of antique places are well known parts of Blue Voyages, to take a walk and discover many cultures are an ideal supplement to your relaxing hours. Our experienced captain and the crew will show these places with pleasure. We propose as well to meet the population of some villages and learn something about their culture and traditions. Again our crew will be ready to bring you there.

After sunset another romantic face of Blue Voyage appears: Our dinners beyond moon and starlight provide a very particular and unforgettable ambiance. Cooks did there job to enchant you with the joys of Turkish and Mediterranean kitchen, drinking wine or traditional Raki the hours pass with conversations, and not few of them end under the sudden shine of a falling star.


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August 19, 2006

Bodrum – Muğla – Turkey

Private Gulet Charters
GULETs are tradationally wood built and very suitable for charter in the Aegean and Mediterranean, as they have spacious deck space for outdoor living and sunbathing. Their size are between 15 and 33 meters in lenght and they can host 6 – 24 persons in separate double cabins with en-suite wc/showers. The crew consist of 2 – 5 (depending on the size of the yacht); captain, cook-seaman and deckhands. Serving, cooking and cleaning are also done by the crew. All Gulets are equipped with navigation systems.

In Private Gulet Charters, gulet is rented privately. There is no fixed itinerary and it is possible to board or leave the yacht in any harbour, such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Gцcek, Fethiye and Antalya. Prices change depending on the yacht and the month.

Life on Board
No boredom is allowed on board. The variety of activites is endless ; waterskiing, windsurfing, skin-diving, fishing, swimming, exploring historical sites, visiting quiet anchorages to sample Turkish Culture and cuisine in romantic surroundings or shopping in bustling market town for carpets, leather goods or other reminders of a perfect holiday. At night there is a choice of restaurants offering superb food with Turkish dancing and a chance to sample Turkish beer, wine and famous aniseed-flavoured drink “Raki”.

All of our crew are qualified and experienced. They provide a full service including cooking and all domestic chores. They run the yacht with quiet effeciency and will not intrude on your privacy. They are bilingual. Most of them speak English.

Some Suggested Itineraries For Private Gulet Charters
The coastline of the southwest corner of Turkey is one of the most beautiful cruising grounds in the world. A cruising environment rich in natural or historical attractions, safe anchorages within easy reach of each other, a constant breeze fo fill the sails and a fair certainty that the sun will shine for your holiday. Good food, fresh fruits and vegetables. Clear Unpolluted waters. Hospitalable locals and, if and when the wilderness gets too oppressive, the opportunity to have a night on the town.

Most yachting havens in the world offer one or more of these to the yacht vacationer. Very few can present all. Turkey is one of the very few that has even more to give: Over 3000 years of history and culture in a land where orient merges with the Occident. Depend on the availability, you can embark and disembark in Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek , Antalya and also in Kos and Rhodes (Greek Islands) and discover Southwest Turkish Coast and some Greek Islands such as Kos, Rhodes, Symi, Patmos, Kalimnos, etc…

A) Bodrum – Gulf of Gцkova – Bodrum : Bodrum / Mersincik / Çatı / Karacasöğüt / English Harbour / Cleopatra Island / Akbük / Çökertme / Çiftlik / Bodrum
B) Bodrum – Gulf of Hisarönü – Marmaris (or vice versa) : Bodrum / Knidos / Palamut Bay / Bozburun / Bozukkale / Serçe Bay / Ekincik / Paradise Island / Marmaris
C) Marmaris – Gulf of Hisarönü – Marmaris : Marmaris / Ekincik / Manastır / Hamam Bays / Tersane / Göçek / Fethiye Ölüdeniz (Dead Sea) / Gemile Island / Ekincik / Inceada / Turunç / Marmaris
D) Fethiye – Ölüdeniz (Dead Sea) – Fethiye : Fethiye / Tersane / Ağalimanı / Sarsala / Telmesos / Sunken Bath / Cleopatra Island / Yassıca / Göçek / Ölüdeniz (Dead Sea) / Gemile Island / Kızıl Island / Fethiye

A) Bodrum – Bodrum : Bodrum / Gulf of Gökova / Knidos / Loryma / Marmaris / Bodrum
B) Bodrum – Fethiye (or vice versa) : Bodrum / Gulf of Gökova / Knidos / Datça / Marmaris or Caunos / Fethiye
C) Bodrum – Rhodes – Marmaris (or vice versa) : Bodrum / Gulf of Gökova / Knidos / Datça / Rhodes (Greek Island) / Marmaris

A) Bodrum – Antalya (or vice versa) : Bodrum / Gulf of Gökova / Knidos / Datça / Marmaris / Caunos / Fethiye / Kaş / Antalya
B) Bodrum – Kaunos-Bodrum : Bodrum / Gulf of Gökova / Knidos / Datça / Marmaris / Caunos and return to Bodrum
C) Bodrum – Rhodes – Marmaris (or vice versa) : Bodrum / Gulf of Gökova / Knidos / Datça / Symi / Rhodes / Marmaris

Weekly Gulet Cabin Cruise
If you are not able to rent a whole yacht for private charter, there is still an oppurtunity for you to enjoy your holiday on a yacht. Then weekly Gulet cabin charter is for you. You rent a cabin and share the gulet (yacht) with other people from different countries. These charters take one week (7 nights / 8 days) and full board basis. There is a fixed itinerary and programme starts and ends in Bodrum. Cooking, serving and cleaning are done by the crew.

There are 3 departures a week : Saturday, Sunday and Monday

SATURDAY : Bodrum – Gulf of Gökova – Bodrum, One week – 7 nights / 8 days
SUNDAY : Bodrum – Gulf of Gökova – Bodrum, One week – 7 nights / 8 days
MONDAY : Bodrum – Gulf of Gökova – Bodrum, One week – 7 nights / 8 days


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August 19, 2006

Bodrum – Muğla – Turkey

Yasemin Yachting based in Bodrum Turkey. The Yacht Charter Agency specialising in luxury charter yachts in both the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. Here at Yasemin Yachting we take our job seriously and we put in the time and research to guarantee that we select only the best classical wooden Gulettes available, to join our exclusive fleet.

The Yasemin fleet, based in Bodrum Turkey has to be able to stand out in an area with stiff competition. Yasemin Charter Agency has managed to do this by choosing only the best Gulettes on the market with the highest standard of facilities available.

Our experience in Yacht Charter has shown us that it isn’t enough to merely have an exclusive fleet of luxury yachts. In order to go that one step further in ensuring your complete satisfaction we have chosen the best captains and crew available, thus maintaining the top standard of service on your luxury yacht. We give you the holiday cruise of a lifetime at great value for money.

Antalya is one of Turkey’s most popular destinations for both land and sea holidays. An ideal place to start or finish your sailing charter from, Antalya is also a perfect place to use your comfortable crewed yacht as a hotel to be based on, whilst enjoying the sights of Antalya.

Antalya is one of the most important holiday resort cities of Turkey and attracts visitors from all over the world. The city is steeped in history: named after King Attalus II of Pergamon, Ataleia was founded in the 2 nd Century B.C… As it has it’s own International Airport it is another popular location to start a cruise from.

The old town with its tiny harbour is charming and an oasis of beauty most unexpected in such a large city. The Antalya Region is now called the “Turkish Riviera” because of the wealth of archeological sites and the easy access to many natural beauty spots. The ancient sites of Perge, Aspendos and Termessos are close by, as are national parks, waterfalls and spectacular caves.

Göçek is a popular harbour for crewed charter yachts to be based in and many bareboat sailing companies operate from here as the large Bay of Göçek is sheltered and ideal for learning to sail in.

Göçek is another ideal place to start your blue cruise from. This pretty little village is just half an hour away from the Airport of Dalaman and it’s position on the Bay of Göçek makes it one of the most popular sailing areas. The town of Göçek itself is situated at the base of a beautiful mountainous background covered with pine forest. The quiet little village has a wide seafront promenade backed by restaurants, bars, small hotels and pensions.

The Gulf of Göçek is dotted with islands and numerous coves and is an ideal bay to explore on land and by sea. The ruins of Arymaxa an ancient city lie at the waters edge at the southern tip of the gulf. There are Byzantine ruins on Tersane Island some of which are the ancient shipyards. Turkey is not a recent convert to the art of boat building and has a tradition in boat construction dating back to early records.

The location of Marmaris, near the airport at Dalaman, makes it another ideal starting point for your cruise. Marmaris, originally ancient Physicus was on the Anatolia – Rhodes – Egypt trading route in olden times and became a large and prosperous city because of it. Today it is a mixture of the old town with very modern hotels lining the beaches. Locals and holiday makers alike take a turn along the promenade to look at all the classical wooden Gulettes moored up to the town quay.

The beaches in this area are beautiful white sand and make an impressive white barrier between the crystal clear blue sea and the lush greenery of the pine forests that reach down to the waters edge. The mountains behind Marmaris make a wonderful back drop to this picturesque little town. Marmaris has excellent marinas and the diverse shopping opportunities make it a good choice for either starting or ending your cruise.

Bodrum-Turkey. The ideal place to start or finish your charter cruise. Bodrum has long been the boatbuilding center of Turkey and has an excellent marina plus many anchorages to sail to within easy distance. Bodrum is indisputably the most well known of all the Turkish resorts for many reasons. A charming little town with a beautiful Bay presided over by the magnificent Castle of St John; Bodrum also has the great advantage of being half an hour away from the Bodrum Milas Airport. Bodrum is a bustling market town by day and by night it has an extensive range of discos, restaurants and night clubs to suit every taste.

The cultural centre of the coast with the Castle of St John, Bodrum is also the location of one of the Seven Wonders of the World : The Mausoleum. The castle houses the Museum of Underwater Archeology which is well worth a visit as is the amphitheatre overlooking the town and harbour, surly one of the most photographed views in Turkey. This view from the amphitheatre overlooks the Castle and the Bay full of traditional wooden Gulettes and the marina with a mixture of Classical and Modern yachts.

Yasemin Yachting – Fishing Charters
Whether you would like your luxury charter yacht to be equipped with fishing equipment, so that you can enjoy some fishing whilst sailing along on your blue cruise, or you are a serious fisherman who would like to fish the Mediterranean. We have the perfect boat for you.

We have charter boats in Turkey and we have fishing charter boats in Turkey. Once you have picked which type of yacht you are interested in we need to know exactly what kind of fishing you wish to pursue. Your next choice is whether you would like to fish in the Mediterranean or the Aegean Sea. Are you interested in sports fishing or deep sea fishing?

One of the most popular fishing cruises off the coast of Bodrum is in the autumn when the tuna fish run through these waters. The various kinds of local fish are usually seasonal and often localized so it is important you give us your personal requirements and choice of yacht and we will design a blue cruise for you.


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August 19, 2006

Fethiye – Muğla – TurkeyCrewed Yacht Charter Holidays
The Aegean and Mediterranean coastline in Turkey between Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye and Antalya, often called Turquoise Coast or Turkish Riviera, is an ideal if not one of the best destinations for a yachting sailing and cruising vacation.

To take a blue cruise or blue voyage in Turkey is a unique experience and definitely the best way for travelers to explore a beautiful cruising ground which has got so much to offer : plenty of sun and blue skies, good sailing winds, perfect anchorages, un-spoilt natural scenery, magnificent historical sites, a superb cuisine and friendly hospitable people. The combination of all these beauties together with a very pleasant cruise aboard a traditional Turkish wooden yacht will make your dream of holidays of a lifetime come true.

During a blue cruise charter of a week or two you can sit back and relax whilst your experienced and friendly crew cares for all the rest. Spend the day sunbathing and sailing or cruising, swim, fish, surf, snorkel in the turquoise and crystal clear waters of the many secluded bays and coves, explore ancient ruins, go for a walk in the shade of thick pine tree forests, visit typical coastal villages, stroll through little harbour towns and last but not least enjoy the fabulous dishes of Turkish cuisine which are freshly prepared and served on board.

The typical sailing boat for a Blue Voyage in Turkey is a handcrafted traditional wooden motorsailer mostly referred to as “gulet” or “gullet”. These boats are custom-built and designed specifically for yachting holidays in comfort. Our own cruise boat “Yucel S” as well some other owner-operated boats can be rented from us on a private crewed yacht charter basis for sole occupancy.

Families or groups of friends can book their own private yacht for holidays, honeymoons, anniversaries and many other happy occasions. A cruise aboard one or several of our boats is also the perfect platform for corporate events like trainings, team buildings, seminars, board meetings, conferences, marketing events, incentives etc.

Sporadically some of our boats offer cabin charter cruises where couples or singles are welcome to book single cabins. Whatever kind of cruise is suitable for you, wherever you wish to go, whatever you wish to see or do – we are at your service for any kind of individual cruise arrangement. Please find more information on the following pages.

Gцзek – Fethiye
Owner-operated cruise boats – for guests with a taste for quality. For an unforgettable blue cruise in Turkey we offer our own boat Yucel S for charter. She is steered, looked after and maintained by ourselves and therefore efficiently equipped, tastefully fitted-up and in perfect conditions with regards to technical standards and cleanliness.

In addition to this we offer a fine selection of other traditional wooden boats and gullets. These yachts are owner-operated as well and meet our own high-quality standards in all respects (boat’s conditions, quality of service and crew). The boats recommended by us vary in size, equipment standards and are with or without air conditioning. Their sizes range between 45 ft and 108 ft with 2 to 12 cabins. If our own boat should not meet your requirements with regards to size and/or equipment and you wish such an alternative offer instead please enquire by the information request form.

M/S Yücel S
” 6 double cabins with double bed, wardrobe, stowage, and en-suite shower/wc
” Fully equipped galley with bar and dining area
” Large area for dining al fresco with teak chairs on the middle deck
” 12 comfortable sun mattresses on the front deck
” Comfortable area with lounges for relaxation and reading on the aft deck
” All deck areas are shaded by boom-mounted awnings
” Fine linen, blankets, hand and bath towels
” Separate crew cabin

Itinerary – Tailor-made according to your requests
The cruising area of the blue voyage is usually around the Southwestern coast of Turkey between Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek, Fethiye, and Antalya and can also include the nearby Greek islands, as for example the Dodecanese. This area is one of the most beautiful stretches of the Turkish coastline where we can show you the nicest spots: secluded bays with crystal clear waters surrounded by thick pine tree forests, dreamlike little islands and picturesque villages.

If you haven’t got any idea of a suitable itinerary for your cruise, we shall work out individual and tailor-made proposals for you based on our experiences and excellent knowledge of the area. The route is subject to the ports of embarkation and disembarkation, the duration of the cruise as well as the center of interests of your party.

These are some examples of possible itineraries :
” Göçek – Gulf of Fethiye – Göçek
” Göçek – Dalyan – Marmaris (or vice versa)
” Bodrum – Gulf of Gökova – Bodrum
” Bodrum – Cnidos – Datça – Marmaris (or vice versa)
” Marmaris – Gulf of Hisarönü – Marmaris
” Göçek – Kaş – Kekova – Kalkan – Göçek
” Marmaris – Dodecanese south – Bodrum
” Bodrum – Dodecanese north – Bodrum

Programme – according to your personal preferences
The blue cruise can be organized with different programmes according to the group’s specific centre of interests. There are the following themes at your choice :

Blue Cruise Classic : Leisurely cruising from bay to bay with a lot of time for relaxation and water sports
Blue Cruise & Walks : with additional opportunity to go for a walk across green forest hills to spectacular viewpoints
Blue Cruise & History : with additional opportunity to visit the ruins of magnificent ancient sites
Blue Cruise & Culture : with additional opportunity to stroll through little harbour towns or step into Turkish rural life
Blue Cruise & Sailing : with additional opportunity to experience real sailing

Blue Cruise & a bit of everything – for all those who do not want to commit themselves to a certain theme in advance


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August 19, 2006

Marmaris – Muğla – Turkey

Our company is an independent, family-run enterprise based in Marmaris, Turkey. We have been organising cruises in the Aegean and along the “Turkish Riviera” (and to the Greek Islands and Cyprus) for almost twenty years. We are both owners and captains of our boats and specialise in Blue Voyages. We captain our boats ourselves and our crews are experienced and enthusiastic.

Our long experience shows in our boats. We plan and supervise the building of our boats ourselves and put great emphasis on safety and comfort on board. Our boats are tailored to the needs of our customers and are therefore in an entirely different league from conventional motoryachts.

Exclusive voyages with first-class Turkish yachts. Anyone who has already enjoyed one of our Blue Voyages knows that our Bahriyeli’s cruises out of Marmaris are the only way to experience the Aegean and the “Turkish Riviera”.

Our company guarantees the highest standards of comfort, quality and safety. Our brand-new motor yachts are built entirely of mahogany and comply with the highest international standards as set by the EU. The boats are ocean-going. Home-port for our boats is Marmaris – an ideal starting-point for wonderful cruises in a part of the Mediterranen which is renowned for its natural beauty and culture. Moreover, unlike many other boats that cruise along the Turkish coast, we also hoist our sails – whenever the winds allows!

Our boats are luxuriously fitted out . You can relax in the shade under a canvas awning or enjoy the sun. Comfortable mats are supplied. There are two large tables for open-air dining. In addition, each boat contains a saloon, which is generously-sized and bright. The cabins are situated below deck. They each have either two single beds or one large double bed, one small wardrobe, a chest of drawers and some shelving. All cabins are fitted with a separate wc and shower with hot and cold water. In addition, each cabin has air conditioning and portholes.

Your Welfare Is Our Concern…
As a rule, our boats are chartered with full board. We serve typical Turkish cuisine which is said to be one of the best in the world. This cuisine consists of plenty of vegetables and salads, fruit, meat, rice and potatoes. Portions are generous. For breakfast there is coffee, tea, bread, jam, honey, olives, cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, yoghurt and eggs. Lunch is usually a warm meal.

Around five o’clock in the afternoon there is “tea time” with biscuits. Dinner is a three-course meal – starter, main course and dessert (usually fruit). Coffee (Nescafe) and tea are free, all other beverages can be purchased at the bar.

One-Week Voyages…
In principle, our boats can sail wherever you want, including visiting the Greek islands and Cyprus. If you have the time – we can get you there ! Below you will find some examples which have proved popular with our guests If you want a different route, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Marmaris – Bodrum – Marmaris
Marmaris – Fethiye – Marmaris
Marmaris – Rhodos – Simi – Datça – Marmaris

Two-Week Voyages…
In principle, our boats can sail wherever you want, including visiting the Greek islands and Cyprus. If you have the time – we can get you there ! Below you will find some examples which have proved popular with our guests If you want a different route, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Marmaris – Kuşadası – Marmaris
Marmaris – Antalya – Marmaris
Marmaris – Rhodos – Simi – Tilos – Nissiros – Kos – Kalymnos – Patmos – Bodrum – Marmaris

Three- or Four-Week Voyages…
In principle, our boats can sail wherever you want, including visiting the Greek islands and Cyprus. If you have the time – we can get you there ! Below you will find some examples which have proved popular with our guests If you want a different route, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Marmaris – Canakkale (Troja) – Marmaris
Marmaris – Cyprus – Marmaris


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