September 29, 2006

Fethiye – Muğla – Turkey

Like a shimmering pearl necklace strung delicately along the beautiful turquoise Bay of Fethiye, on the South West coast of Turkey, Ece Saray Marina & Resort glows with the promise of earthly delights. Those who have exalted in such glorious moments experienced at Ece Saray Marina & Resort are loathe to lift anchor from this ideal Marina where sailing boats and motor yachts are offered the very best in quality and services, while cruising the Mediterranean waters.

The interior design of the hotel by leading design agency Vakko can be appreciated in the soft furnishings and all the rooms, suites and lounges have a unique and individual feel. The hotel has been designed and built by the best craftsmen and is home to some superb pieces of Ceramic Art by the renowned Turkish artist Sıtkı Olcar. Examples of local craftsmanship can be seen around the hotel in the exquisite carpentry, imported Brazilian marble floors, the striking stained glass walls and the landscaped gardens by the Istanbul firm of English Gardens

Quality wines and gourmet dishes, cigars and exotic drinks can be savored in our superb restaurants, bars and patisserie, while also enjoying those mild breezes, vibrant colours and heady perfumes of the Mediterranean Sea.

Our services set us far apart from other resorts, our general facilities include; central air conditioning, central heating, beautiful landscaped gardens, wireless internet connection throughout the grounds of the hotel and Business center, a superb Hairdressing Salon, Spa & Wellness Center with modern fully equipped fitness center, Turkish bath, sauna and a range of therapies, laundry and ironing services, dry cleaning, 24hr room service, power generators, doctor and nurse on demand and baby sitting services. The pool is a delight for those who wish to abandon the salty sea for fresh water. The visual beauty of the magnificent panorama blends with the scents of jasmine and pine.

Our fully qualified experienced team will analyse your individual treatment requirements. You can choose individual targeted treatments or follow a program that suits your specific needs. Our professional therapists use the highest quality and most respected international products for treatments and can advise on beauty and health routines. You will find that the Ece Saray spa programs, service and facilities leave you energized, relaxed and refreshed.

The magic of a place, the importance of an atmosphere and the luxury of service all aim to satisfy the quest for tranquility. Treatments provide an overall sense of well-being. All this is what makes the Ece Saray Spa & Wellness Center a unique place to relax, escape and rejuvenate.


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September 29, 2006

Marmaris – Muğla – Turkey

The experience of a Venus Yachting Blue Voyage can be a time to rejuvenate the spirit while you discover and experience more of the natural world. It can be a spiritual adventure as well as a worldly one. If you are a history lover, the Blue Voyage can take you to the wealth and power of bygone civilisations and ancient cultures. It can be an overwhelming experience to visit the private beach of Cleopatra, eternal fires of mount Olympus, Myria Rock Tombs, archaeological remains of ancient civilisations on land and under the sea around Fethiye.

On a Blue Voyage, you can leave behind the world of routines imposed on you by modern life and responsibilities. Most of us live out our lives in large cities where the city lights dull the brightness of the stars. On a Blue Voyage, while you lay out on deck at night, you can see all the stars as you hear and feel the lapping of the water against your boat. In the rush of city life it is possible to loose perspective on the value of health, rest, and relaxation. One a Blue Voyage, everything you hear, smell, taste, see, feel, and live can excite the mind and bring peace to the soul.

If your voyage coincides with the full moon you will be astounded by the it’s size and magnificence lighting up the night sky. Slipping into the dark water for a night swim after a hot day can be a treat in it’s own right. The peaceful quiet waters will cool you down for a restful and healthful night’s sleep. Snorkeling along the brilliant coastlines in the noon day sun alongside the fish of many colours is another treat everyone can enjoy.

After a week or two afloat in this scenic wonderland, old and young alike find their own treasures and gifts… and will have many opportunities to revel in our healthy and happy environment.

What are kind of tours are available?
We offer two basic boating experiences. For the more experienced and licensed sailor and crew who are looking for an independent adventure with a minimum of guidance we offer a variety of bare boat rentals.

If you are looking for a fully guided, planned, and crewed adventure we can provide you with a traditional wooden sailing yacht which you can charter with a crew who will take care of your every need. Depending on the size of the yacht and the number of cabins available we generally book groups of between 8 and 14 people. A group of 8 people, for example, would probably take a yacht with 4 cabins. We can provide boats with as many as 10 cabins. If you are coming on your own without a group we offer single room bookings on chartered touring yachts in the location of your choice.

Between both ends of the yachting opportunity spectrum we offer bare boat rentals with a skipper as your host and guide… or any combination of the above. What ever you can imagine, we will do our best to provide.

Which season is the best?
Between the end of July and the beginning of September is height of our main sailing season. July and August are days are long and hot. The nights are warm. June, the beginning of July, and the month of September offer the combination of warm days and cooler evenings. The water is great for swimming until the end of October. The months of May and October are excellent for trekking and fishing.

How can we spend our time?
There will be many opportunities for water sports and activities, sightseeing. During the day you can cruise for a few hours and sail if the wind allows. Closer to lunch and dinner the anchor is dropped in a solitary bay or inlet, alongside a small village, or find a mooring off a small island. At every stop, and there will be at least two every day depending on your preferences, there will be opportunities to swim, fish, snorkel, windsurf, sun bathe, or take a trip ashore to see the sights or to read on the sun-beds on deck. There will be lots of recreation and relaxation. Your friendly and attentive crew can consist of a captain, cook, and a couple of seamen. Their job is to make sure that your are taken care of and that your needs are well met.

Cabin Charter

Cabin charter is ideal for your first sailing experience and singles or small groups not wishing to charter a full yacht. Hire a cabin on the scheduled Blue Cruise and join the rest of the voyagers. Voyagers on these tours may be from a variety of countries, which only adds to the interest and enjoyment. Meal times will provide you with a good opportunity to know one another and you will find that strangers who share a love of the sea and an interest in nature and history quickly turn into friends.

Cruise your cares away and start making new friends of your fellow voyagers! If you cannot get a group together so as to take your own yacht, you still have the opportunity to join one of our cabin charter voyages. Apart from private charters, we also offer voyages on a shared-yacht basis for individuals, couples and small groups.

Every day, more and more people are discovering the all inclusive pleasures of a cruise vacation. More singles, families, couples, and honeymooners are sailing away on the vacations of their dreams.

Here are some reasons why:
1. The price of your cruise includes all of your meals & crew service. All onboard activities, as well as snorkeling and fishing. Not to mention a relaxing voyage to some of the most exciting and exotic places in the world.
2. You will find a gulet is a floating dream, with all the things a fine hotel has to offer and more. You will meet new friends and share new memories. You can spend your days and nights as lively or leisurely as you like.
3. Avoid the worries of having to make dinner or show reservations. No packing and unpacking. A cruise allows you to lie back and be completely pampered. Enjoy fabulous cuisine and one great sight after another. Let your cares float away and your dreams become reality.

Private Full Charter

Indulge yourself on the private gulets of Mediterranean. With attentive crew members, you’ll enjoy an unmatched level of service. See exotic bays and ports accessible only from a small, intimate gulet. Enjoy on-board luxuries like en-suite accommodations and open seating dining, gourmet cuisine by Turkish chef, and a bar stocked to your specifications with soft drinks, wine, spirits, champagne – whatever you desire.

Swim, snorkel, windsurf, or kayak from your private gulet. You’d like shrimps or octopus in the dinner? It’s yours, along with fish on the grill, at gulet’s barbecue. Share this remarkable experience of Blue Voyage with your family or close friends. Incentive yacht tours with no fixed itinerary, generally following classical routes with modifications to accommodate individual schedules or desires.


Bodrum – Gökova – Bodrum / Göçek – Marmaris – Göçek / Marmaris – Datça – Marmaris / Marmaris – Kekova – Marmaris ( 2 weeks ) / Marmaris- Fethiye – Marmaris


The classic Gulet, best known for its rounded aft, low profile in the water, and roomy hull, was once used by fishermen and sponge divers to transport their catch. Today, the gulet is associated primarily with charter tours. Various designs have emerged, all of which come from the classic description of the traditional Turkish Gulet. For example, the original design had a rounded aft, but as this design limits the numbers of cabins which can be built on the boat modifications have been made. The “ayna kiз” (flat backed) style of the Gullet is becoming increasingly popular as a charter vessel.

As traditionally, the Gulet is handcrafted by master boat builders in Bodrum and Marmaris . The major advantage of this boat design is that it allows passengers plenty of space on deck and below. Gulet cabins are very popular as they are roomy and provide adequate space for storage. They are all about the same size and each one has either a double berth or a set of bunk-berths. Every cabin has a wardrobe for hanging clothes and a number a drawers. There is also room for storing bags and bulky items. Most cabins have their own en suite bathroom with either a shower hose attached to the basin, or a complete shower.

Living areas on the Gulet consist of a salon (some have a closable aft area instead), a deck area for dining, and an aft deck area for lounging in the shade of an awning, and a forward deck area with numerous sun beds which can be shaded with a canopy when the yacht is not sailing.

All yachts are equipped for safety as well as for convenience. They have VHF radios, flares, flags, first-aid kits, life jackets, extra sails, ropes, a small motor boat, and other safety equipment. For your pleasure and convenience many of the newer vessels have a stereo radio and/or cassette player, cellular phone, tv, video player, and CD player.

A yacht’s galley is always well equipped and the cook takes pride in creating tempting dishes of Turkish and international origins. Upon request, we can offer you a ‘preference sheet’ where you may list what types of food you like to eat, whether you have food allergies or any other special dietary requirements. The cook will try to meet your needs as far as possible.


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September 29, 2006

Fethiye – Muğla – Turkey

The Blue Voyage is the surest way to get rid of all of your blues, but that is not really how the name was coined… Originated in Bodrum in the late 1950’s by groups of writers, painters, and others interested in natural beauty and historical sites, the Blue Voyage started in the Gulf of Gцkova and later extended to include the more distant southern shores of Turkey.


A gulet is a traditional handmade wooden boat equipped with masts. The most common gulets have 4 to 10 double/triple cabins and so accommodate 8 to 16/20 passengers. Unlike cruises on large ocean liners, on a gulet you can explore the secluded and often deserted bays, coves and islands of the spectacular Turkish coastline. You will see a hidden Turkey, beautiful beyond belief, and most of it completely unseen by the average tourist! During the day there are plenty of chances to swim and snorkel in the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean or explore the natural and historical sites along the way. Have a sunbath on the sun decks or read a book in the shadow of the aft deck on the comfortable cushioned seating.

Features of a gulet include an interior salon/bar area and a fully equipped galley. All cabins have en-suite

There are freezers to keep drinks cold, and a CD/cassette player, snorkels & masks, fishing lines and some board games. The gulets come with facilities for outdoor and indoor dining. Also a dinghy with outboard, a ship-to-shore radio,mobile telephone and life jackets are on board. All the boats are government approved with fully qualified captains. No experience of boats is required. All you need to do is relax!

Yacht Charter

A crewed yacht charter is the hire of a complete yacht, with captain and crew, for a specific period of time (usually one or more weeks). The route of the cruise is subject to agreement between the contracting parties,as are the ports of embarkation and disembarkation. The charter fee does not include the cost of food but does include its preparation and service.

Turkey is a treasure chest of coves, inlets, bays and beaches from which yachtsmen can choose a different and always private anchorage each night. The sailing paradise of Turkey is home to the Blue Voyage. This idyllic cruise means sailing with the winds, into coves and over the seas and becoming one with nature.

It is also an experience of the history of man from the perspective of the sea rather than from the land, a journey which carries you to the private beach of Cleopatra, the eternal fires of Mt. Olympus and the myriad archaeological remains of ancient civilizations. For lovers of the active life, sailing in the clear waters provides the opportunity of swimming, fishing, skiing, surfing and diving.

Fortunately modern facilities and comfort have not developed in Turkey at the expense of ancient hospitality and a slower pace of life. The pleasure of yachting in Turkey will tempt you back again and again, to explore yet another stretch of coasts and to relive the luxurious ease of life on the sea. Gulets for private cruises that suit every budget and taste; from modest, cozy family boats to exclusive 6 -16 passenger yachts and luxuriously equipped air-conditioned gullets with experienced and personable crews.

You can enjoy private and incentive Mediterranean bays with your choice of itinerary, time and food along Turkey’s long and spectacular coastline. This is the Blue Voyage, a yacht holiday on Gulets which is very much like a floating hotel where navigation, cooking and serving is handled by a crew of 2 or 5 and all you are required to do is rest relax.

Cabin Charter

A crewed cabin charter is the hire of a cabin space (single, double or triple accommodation), with captain and crew, for a specific period of time (usually a few days to one week). The route of the cruise is fixed, as are the ports of embarkation and disembarkation. The charter fee does include the cost of food, its preparation and service.

There are different routes we can offer for cabin charter. Cabin charter means : you can charter one bed or one cabin or as many beds or cabins you need for your family or your friends. Other people will be together with you on the boat. Upon arrival our clients are assisted into their cabins. Prior information about whether they require double of twin bedded cabins are helpful. On cabin charter it is advisable for us to know the gender of the client – this helps with cabin allocation.

The clients find their cabins fully prepared: clean bed linen, hand soap and toilet paper. It is advisable for clients to bring their own towels. Once the clients are familiar with their cabins, a small information welcome meeting is held on deck. Depending on what time the clients arrive an appropriate refreshment is served. This is our opportunity for instructions, to describe to novice sailors life on board, safety procedures and establish a good coincidence between the Captain and clients. This is also a good time for the captain to show the clients the sea charts and describe the route to them.

As you know, everyday the yachts normally visit two or three bays, making the last stop the place, we stay for the night, It is necessary for the yacht to visit a larger harbor every three or four days to enable us to take on water and fresh provisions. Clients participation is always welcome. Our Captains and crew members always enjoy passing their experience on to the clients and if they wish to steer the yacht, learn the GPS navigation system or lend their hands at setting the sails, our crew can teach them. We prefer to use the sails as much as possible rather then cruising.

The energetic clients may take the advantage of the windsurf or fishing equipment on board, and those who wish to do absolutely nothing are encouraged to do so. Once the boat is moored the clients can visit the archaeological ruins and explore the beautiful coastline and countryside.

All our crew members are fully qualified and our yachts meet safety regulations, including yacht insurance, life jackets, emergency dinghy, fire extinguishers and alarms. Our Captains are experienced not only the tourism business, but have been at sea for many years in various capacities. Their knowledge of the sea and client coincidence is one of the most importance to us, as is their basic knowledge of a foreign language.


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September 29, 2006

Bodrum – Muğla – Turkey

Since the 70’s and the development of tourism, fishing boats became pleasure boats and a blue cruise is no longer reserved for wealthy intellectuals. Today cruising on a gullet has become a new way of vacationing for sea and nature lovers. This is not a typical cruise, nor a sport.

Above all, this is a meeting with nature, the opportunity to swim in clear and temperate waters, to dive and discover the secret of the undersea, to windsurf or just sunbathe or fish

You do not need any previous sailing experience: the boat’s crew is at your service during the entire trip. The captain along with two or three sailors, one of which is a cook, will take care of everything. What you have to do: Just Relax & Your mornings will be spent by sunbathing, swimming or reading until lunch & Always fresh and natural.

Group Charter Cruises

For a group of friends or a family, you can charter an entire boat and choose your itinerary.

If you are passionate about sailing, do not hesitate: a vacation on our gullets with a seasoned crew will be unforgettable.(Individuals)

Cabin Charter Cruises

Couples or single people can book a cabin or a birth, and can board on one of our assigned boats with guaranteed departure from Bodrum, Marmaris or Antalya. Ask us about special conditions.


Bodrum / Bodrum (Gulf of Mandalya) : Highlights: Discover fishermen villages: Gümüşlük (Myndos), Yalıkavak, Türbükü and Güllük. Tour the most beautiful archeological sites of Ionia located 20 km from Altınkum: Didyma, Millet, Priene. For those who wish to visit Ephesus and Kusadasi, we can arrange a bus tour from Didyma.

Bodrum / Bodrum (Gulf of Bodrum) : Highlights: Discover beautiful coves, tour Cleopatra’s island with its ruins scattered among olive groves and an idyllic beach. Discover Bodrum: the “white city” with its famous Museum of Underwater Archeology in St. Peter’s castle and the mausoleum of Halicarnassus.

Marmaris / Bodrum or Bodrum / Marmaris : Highlights: Discover the gulf of Hisarönü, the ancient city of Cnide and Bodrum. Optional: This trip can be taken in the reverse order (Bodrum/ Marmaris), and can stop by the Greek islands of Rhodes, Symie and Cos under certain conditions. Find out about it before you reserve

Marmaris / Marmaris (Gulf of Hisarönü) : Highlights: Natural discovery cruise of the gulf of Hisarönü. With a full charter, tour of the magnificent Cnide site.

Marmaris / Marmaris (Gulf of Fethiye) : Highlights: Tour the tombs of Caunos, swim on the beach of Iztuzu (sea turtle beach), Fethiye; optional tour of the ghost village of Kaya.

Göçek / Kaş (Gulf of Fethiye and Kekova) : This is a new itinerary that allows you to visit two gulfs: Fethiye and Kekova and their archeological sites. Boarding and disembarking are done alternatively in Kaş or Göçek.

Kemer / Kemer or Antalya/Antalya (Gulf of Kekova) : Lycian archeological sites: Phaselis, Olympus (Chimera), the ancient city of Myra and the sunken city of Kekova. Optional touring of important sites like Aspendos Theater, Perge…


Built in the tradition of the local sponge divers and fishermen, our boats are magnificent and luxurious wooden yachts that can accommodate from 6 to 24 people (some air-conditioned cabins are available).

Our boats have 4 to 12 cabins, each one equipped with its own bathroom (shower, wc, sink with hot water) and a large double birth (some boats have twin beds or a third bed). The fore deck is for sunbathing; the large aft deck is reserved for meals and evenings. There is a comfortable bar and salon inside.

Bareboat Cruises

Several of our sailboats can be chartered without a crew from Marmaris, Göçek and Bodrum. These are European built boats ranging in size from 9 to 14 meters (Jeanneau, Sun Odyssey, Oceanis, Catamaran, etc…)

Being the cradle of multiple civilizations and endowed with magical landscapes, Turkey offers numerous opportunities for people who are interested in nature and history. Our travel advisers are at your disposal to help you organize an extension of your vacation, before or after your cruise.


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September 29, 2006

Antalya – Turkey

The ultimate way to experience Turkey’s intriguing coastline is by taking a “Blue Voyage”, a uniquely Mediterranean style of cruising. This is a relaxing sailing trip along the Aegean and the Mediterranean coast, through impeccably clear turquoise waters, in and out of countless isolated bays and coves, visiting the harbors of small picturesque villages and weaving along a coastline rich in mythological ruins of distant times gone by.

A great portion of these ancient sites are thankfully ‘undiscovered’, appearing almost untouched, as there are not many highways in the region.

Even today, some of these coastal areas are only accessible from the sea. All the sights combined on the Blue Voyage offer a truly unforgettable experience – one where nature and history blend in a unique way.

The Blue Voyage is taken aboard a “gulet” – a traditional pine wood yacht, with a pointed fore and round aft, with a double or single mast. The recommended occupancy for the cruise is between 8 to 12 people. Modern gulets are comfortably equipped with all the necessary amenities.

Private Charter

The more intimate way to enjoy the Blue Voyage with a pre-formed group is by reserving a private yacht charter. Having a private yacht at your own disposal allows a closer exploration of the secluded and often deserted bays and coves of the coastline.

The small harbors and villages offer a good insight into coastal life, which large ships fail to replicate authentically.

Supplementary land excursions can also be added to the yacht charter, both pre and/or post-Blue Voyage. As there is a huge variety in the type of yacht available, we recommend you to contact us beforehand with the specifications of your group and your schedule, so that we can present you with the optimum selection of yachts, from which to make your choice.

Cabin Charter

The more affordable way of taking the Blue Voyage is to rent a cabin in a pre-scheduled yacht, the duration of the voyage usually being one week. The cruises are generally operated in 20-25 meter wooden vessels (60-80 Ft), with between 5-10 classic Mediterranean style cabins. Each cabin has an en-suite bathroom with hot and cold water, a shower and a small amount of space to store luggage.

The boats usually cruise by engine and the cruising time is normally limited to 2 or 3 hours per day. Overnight moorings are generally made in tiny coves about 20-30 meters close to the shore, where pine trees approach the sea. The crew consists of a captain, a cook and one or two deckhand’s, all of whom are highly experienced in their work and responsibilities. Crews’ cabins are separated from those of the passengers. Ensuring the continued comfort of guests is their main priority.


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September 29, 2006

Bodrum – Muğla – Turkey


Blue Cruise is the best choice to get the most from a holiday in Turkey for one can visit the most well-known towns on the Aegean and the Mediterranean Turkish Coast , enjoy the beautiful sea and explore many of the ancient cities on the coastline such as Cnidus, Loryma, Caunos, Xantos, Patara, Myra, Olympus, Phaselis and many others.

You do not have to be a captain or a sailor to experience this adventure of nature and history. The crew of 3 or 4 will take care of all your needs as well as the yacht. You’ll have no worries about planning meals , cooking or checking the anchor.

A Classic Gulet is about 20 meters , usually have 12 to 16 berths with en-suite wc and showers. A classic gulet would have , hot and cold running water, a galley , a stereo, vhf radio, icebox , sun beds, a dinghy, etc. and rarely a generator.

A luxury Gulet would have all of the above in much improved standards plus enclosed shower and hairdryer in bathroom, more space in cabins, double, single, twin bed and master cabins, full sails, motored dinghy, 2 main engines, generator(s), mahogany, iroco or teak as cabin material , windsurfer, vhf , telephone, fax, deep sounder, radar, gps, ice maker, coffee maker, refrigerators, deep freezers, etc.

We are ready to help you in finding the right boat for your purpose. Let us know about the category of the yacht you are looking for and we will get back to you with many alternatives and details.

CABIN YACHT CHARTER (Yacht Tours for Individual Persons)

Apart from private charters, we also offer cruises on a shared-yacht basis for individuals, couples and small groups. These tours depart from Antalya, Göçek, Marmaris and Bodrum throughout the season. The embarkation is on Saturday evening, departure Sunday morning and disembarkation the next Saturday morning.) Detailed information is given under Cabin Charters

Such tours are made with our fleet of traditional Turkish wooden boats known as “Gulet”. Generally, these boats have 6 cabins for 12 persons, but upon request, boats with 4 cabins for up to 8 persons, and even 9 cabin boats for up to 18 persons can be employed. The boat’s name will not be made available prior to the day of embarkation, as numbers will dictate which boat is best allocated.

Our Gulets generally motor from place to place, raising the sails only when the wind is favorable. Your captain will see to it that your cruise moves along at a good pace. He decides on departure times, excursion times and meal times according to the composition of the group, and weather conditions. The captain has the right to alter the itinerary when necessary.

Do not be surprised if you share your yacht with a number of different nationalities. Meal times will provide you with a good opportunity to get to know one another and you will find that strangers who share a love of the sea and an interest in nature and history quickly turn into friends.

The crew aboard our Gulets and yachts often do not have a foreign language mastered, but they almost always know enough ‘everyday’ phrases and are able to understand all requests.

Yachts between 17 – 22 meters in length. all cabins have en-suite wc and showers with hot and cold running water. There is a music set, vhf radio and dinghy on each yacht.


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September 23, 2006

Marmaris – Muğla – Turkey

When you holiday with us you can dive wherever and as often as you want, providing you agree to abide by our safety rules at all times. The small groups (maximum 14 board guests only) ensure a way of diving that maintains the quality of the natural environment for everybody. If you require, Baris’m can accompany you to other diving places of your choice. Trained divers may also lead their own groups.

We offer PADI and CMAS diving certificates for beginners. While learning diving, you can experience many interesting underwater fields in both deep and shallow waters. You may also meet varieties of turtles, seals, dolphins, amphoras, sea lions ..etc

The Turkish coast shelters some of the most beautiful underwater landscapes in the Mediterranean Sea and is an area ideally suited to diving both for beginners and professionals. You will find many interesting dives in both deep and shallow waters, together with a surprising variety of species including turtles, seals and dolphins, all living in an unspoilt environment. Underwater reefs, caves and amphora fields make diving an unforgetable experience. Baris’m crew are only two of very few people having perfect knowledge of the underwater world of Marmaris.

As most divers will agree, the ideal format for a diving vacation is to live on the boat from where the diving will take place – no heavy equipment to drag from one place to the next and no time wasted in travelling there and back – the joy of being able to dive whenever you feel like it! When touring, we are able to visit diving areas that no other land based groups can reach because of the distance and we dive there in the center of a natural untouched environment.

As a member of the German Diving Association VDST (Verband Deutscher Sporttaucher), we guarantee you a professional service. Instruction and examinations are carried out to the latest standards. As well as the VDST, we also accept diving certificates of other organizations such as VIT, VDTI, Barakuda, FST, NAUL, PADI, DIWA, PDIC etc.

For guests without a recognized certificate we offer beginner courses. We also run a variety of advanced courses.
Please note: before participating in any of our diving courses you will need to show proof of having been examined by your local doctor and certified as being medically fit to dive.

The Equipment:
We have brand new, quality diving equipment, all with German test certificates. All 12 liter tanks are supplied complete with buoyancy compensator jacket, regulator and pressure gauge. A variety of weight-belts and diving suits are available for hire, ready for your use. If you require a decocomputer or diver’s lamp, these are also available.

Unique to the Turkish Aegaen is the simultaneous use of two boats. The main boat with its cabins and sun-deck and the diving boat with its on-board compressor. The crew of both boats look forward to ‘reading’ your every wish from looking at your eyes. You can, if you wish, (but you don’t have to) help with the daily work on board.

The Main Boat
– Width: 7m. Length: 28m
– 8 double-cabins with their own seperate shower/toilet
– Large salon with TV/Video
– Fridge
– Sun-deck in front
– Large (covered) dining area to the rear

BARIS’M – The Diving-Base
– Length – 16 m
– Completely equipped
– 220 Volt electricity
– Bauer compressor
– Echo-sounder
– 12 ltr. tanks


Since 1986 Baris’m Diving Center has been offering a comprehensive diving excursion for you all, whether you have never dived before or are at the stage where you want to extend your diving experience to a more technical level. Our destinations range from Fethiye to Datça. A full range of courses is available on these trips from our experienced Diving Masters.

There are three different routes offered at various times of the year.
Please ask us, when the boat will be travelling on the route you wish to join.

Tour 1:
Marmaris – Fethiye – Marmaris
(Time of transfer from the airport Dalaman: about 1.15 hour)

Tour 2:
Marmaris – Datça – Marmaris
(Time of transfer from the airport Dalaman: about 1.15 hour)

Tour 3:
Göçek – Fethiye – Kalkan – Kaş – Göçek
(Time of transfer from the airport Dalaman: about 30 minutes)

Full charter: EURO 6.699,–
per Person: EURO 549,–

Services included;
– 1 week “BARIS’M diving charter”
– 6 days of diving= 2 x daily, 1 additional night-diving course per week is possible
– Accommodation in 7 double cabs with DU/WC, inclusive full food supply
– Sheets and towels are placed
– Guidance by experienced Diveguides
– An extra 16m of diving boat is available
– Airport transfers to Dalaman Airport are inclusive.

On board prices
Diving Equipment:
– Diving suit 30,– EUR/week
– Under water computer 30,– EUR/week
– UW-Lamp 4,– EUR/Tauchgang
– Jacket 30,– EUR/Woche
– Octopus 30,– EUR/Woche

Training / After training of CMAS
– Bronze * 299,– EUR (Theory and diving)
– Silver ** / Gold *** 149,– EUR (Only diving)
– For further training Please contact us!

– Water 0,5 l 0,75 EUR
– Cola 0,33 l 1,50 EUR
– Beer 0,33 l 1,75 EUR
– A bottle of Wine white/red 8,00 EUR


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