Bakırköy – Istanbul – Turkey

Our company extensive experience in boat building; we have the necessary facilities, equipment and skilled personnel. We have experience in constructing almost any kind of boat, cruising yachts, of metal and wood. Fishing boats ,rowboats, and canoes. We take photos of different stages in the building of a boat to show the customer, and we are of course ready to answer any question pertaining to the construction.

The gulette is a very old vessel built of wood. They were used for fishing and carrying cargo consisting mainly of amphoras filled with olive oil and wine. Over the years the gulette has evolved into its present shape of a broad beam and a wide deck. It was also used as a fighting ship, and extensive exploration and trading voyages were made with the gulette. They have been built in different parts of Europe, mainly in the Mediterranean region of Greece and Turkey.

Most vessels are now built in Bodrum, Bozburun, Istanbul and on the Black Sea coast of Turkey. As a matter of fact the boats built in Bodrum and Bozburun are so popular that they are referred to as “Bodrum-Type yachts” or “Gulettes”. They are also known as Caiques. Today the gulette is used mainly for cruises. so the emphasis is on comfort which is provided in spacious cabins with WC and showers, wide decks for lounging and sunbathing.

The modern gulette is a mixture of old and new. It is still built of wood which gives off the ambience that only wood can give, but modern technology provides the comfort and the safety. A gulette usually carries two masts; the stem is pointed and the stern gently rounded. Four to eight cabins is the norm some of which can be made into double or master cabins. The number of passengers the gulette can carry depends on the accommodations but usually the figure is between eight and sixteen. In the charter of a gulette is included services and entertainment. The size of the boat and the number of passengers is conducive to a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere amplified with the friendly attentions of the crew.

There are basically three types available of Gulet in Turkey, the standard Gulet, the Ayna Ketch and the Tirhandil. All three types are essentially motor sailing yachts, raising their sails when the wind conditions are most suitable. Of the three types, the Tirhandil is the most suited to cruising under sail.  Trawl around the Internet and you will come up with a number of conflicting descriptions for each of the Gulet types and where they originated.

For the prospective buyer of a Gulet all that is really needed, is to know the basic difference between the three types and the advantages and disadvantages of each depending on its intended primary function.

The standard Gulet is similarly shaped to the Tirhandil with a rounded and undercut stern,but usually larger. The increase in dimensions, the addition of a mast or two and subtle modifications to the hull make more room for forward and central cabins, and of course make it more suitable for chartering.  This is adaptation of gulets today for chartering more well.

Despite generally being the superior sailing vessel of the three, have less aft deck space for Blue Cruise voyages, they are not as frequently commissioned by local builders and thus remain elusive. Yet it is the tirhandil, more so than the gulet, which carries the most traditional elements of Aegean sailing boats of the last two millennium.  Its origins from the Bodrum area having two masts , a bow spirit and lateen sails.  It is beak-nosed with a scoop stern and sample interior capacity. Tirhandils are workhorses of the Mediterranean last 2 thousand years and is similar to its cousin, the caique, and the Greek transport vessel called perama. The Greek equivalent of tirhandil is trechenderi.

This is the ultimate in Charter Gulet development, a compromise between a sailing Gulet and functionality as a spacious charter boat. More suited to motor cruising than sailing, though its design still allows some sailing opportunities in favorable wind conditions. The squared off and deepened stern allows for the inclusion of cabins below a raised rear deck, ideal for outdoor dining. The beam cross section is also deepened to eliminate as much as possible the inward slope of the hull in the cabins.  It look like  gulet but has a squared off stern.  The primary advantage over a gulet is to the passengers in the form of increased cabin space with an aft master cabin or separate crew quarters. Translated, aynakıç literally means “paneled rear” or “mirror-assed”, depending on the preferred interpretation. Some local people call it as ketch because of the rigging.


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