Antalya – TurkeyM/S ROXELANE
Type : Gulet
Age : 8
Length : 25 m
Beam : 6.6 m
Draft : 2.2 m
Engine : 360 HP VOLVO
Cabins: 6
Wc : 6
Fuel Capacity : 3 tons
Water Capacity : 6 tons
Dirty Water Capacity : 3 tons

Hi-fi system, Hair Dryer, 2 deep freeze, ice maker, dish washer, water-ski, phone, hot water, Dinghy (with 25 HP Yamaha Engine), Fishing Equipment, Air Conditioning, 17.5 KWA Generator

The route as below are just an example. A shorter or longer tour with the different route is possible. Please consult the captain and his crew. All depends on weather conditions and the possibilities of the ship. Please note that this is only a rough guide and can be varied. Also note that the route may be very slightly, depending on weather conditions and time available at the Captains discretion.

Antalya – Kaş – Antalya

Day 1:
The captain welcomes you and introduces himself and his crew to you. This first day will be spend on the ship in the harbour.
Day 2:
After breakfast the ship takes off for its first tour along the coast. You will visit the old pirates-city Olympos where you can see beautiful ruines and enjoy the nature. Later on the day we will hold in bay of Çavuşköy to have dinner and spend the night.
Day 3:
Before dawn the ship takes off for Finike and Demre. In Demre you can visit the church of Saint Nicholas and the old city of Myra. We continue our tour through the bay of Gökkaya, which is one of the most beautiful ones in the Mediterranean Sea. During the night you can drink and dance in a bar.
Day 4:
Today we sail through the bay of Kekova. Here is the island of Kekova and under water you will find the remains of an old city. In the afternoon we arrive in Kaş, a small harbour city with lots of restaurants, bars and shops. Here we spend the evening and night.
Day 5:
Our return trip to Antalya: we sail along Kale Köy, right opposite of the island Kekova. We visit the lovely fisherman’s village Simena and her ruines.
Day 6:
In the morning we go to the bay of Ceneviz, known in the area for its green mountains because of the many pine trees. After lunch the ‘yacht’ takes us to the old city Phasiles. This city thanked her fame and wealth due to the trade in perfume, 7 years BC.
Day 7:
The last day of the Blue Cruise with the ‘yacht’ During our return, enjoy once more the sea, the impressive views and the lovely weather. After arriving at the harbour, we will spend a last evening and night on board.

Marmaris – Fethiye – Marmaris

Day 1:
Board in Marmaris, welcome drink and information about the yacht and tour program. Dinner and overnight in Marmaris Harbour
Day 2:
Breakfast on board, then a two hours of cruising to Ekincik. From Ekincik you can take a boat trip of the ancient city of Caunos, Lycian rock tombs and mud baths where you can take a bath in sulfurous mud. The journey will be made in the labyrinth of the delta of the Dalyan River, surrounded with thick vegetation of reeds. Here also is the beach of Iztuzu, famous for the sea turtles called Carette Carette. Dinner and overnight in one of the bays of Ekincik
Day 3:
Cruising approximately three and a half hours to Ağa Limanı behind Kap Kurdoğlu. Swimming and lunch here. In the afternoon arrival in the bay of Manastır (Monastery). Swimming breaks here and in the neighborhood (Cleopatra and Hamam Bays). Dinner and overnight
Day 4:
Visiting the lovely places in the Gulf like Tersane and/or Yassılands. Late in the afternoon arrival in Göçek for dinner and overnight
Day 5:
Departure to Fethiye. In Fethiye you can have a walk to the Lycian rock tombs of ancient Thelmessos and make a tour of the city. After lunch cruising to Ölü Deniz. (Charter yachts are not allowed to enter the inner side of the bay of Ölü Deniz due to it being a conservation area). A relaxing afternoon for swimming and tanning and then cruising to Gemiler Island for dinner and overnight
Day 6:
An enchanting cruise of approximately four hours along the Dişibilmez and Baba islands will bring us again to the region of Ekincik. Overnight in one of the bays here.
Day 7:
Cruise to Inceada Cebekilise. In the afternoon cruising till Turunз with swimming stops in Kadırga or Kumlubük. Late afternoon sail to Marmaris Harbour for last dinner on board and overnight in Marmaris
Day 8:
After breakfast on board, the guests disembark.

Fethiye – Myra – Fethiye

Day 1:
Guests arrive in Fethiye and board yacht. Welcome drink and information about the yacht and tour program. Dinner on board and visit town
Day 2:
After breakfast in Fethiye the yacht sails to Ölü Deniz for lunch. Sailing after lunch to Gemiler Island where the guests can visit Byzantine Church and a castle built in mirage
Day 3:
Early morning start sailing and arrive to Yeşilova after 4 hours sailing. Breakfast will be served on route. Late in the afternoon the yacht will arrive to Kaş Harbor in 2,5 hours
Day 4:
After breakfast in Kas the yacht will go to Sunken City which is at the north side of Kekova Island and lunch is served Kale Üçağız. The afternoon visit Kale Üçağız (Theimiussa) and overnight in Gökkaya
Day 5:
After breakfast in Gökkaya the yacht sails to Myra (Demre, St Nicholas Church) with 45 minutes sailing. Afternoon is spent sail to Karaloz, where the yacht will stay overnight
Day 6:
The yacht will sail to Kalkan Harbour which takes 3,5 hours. After lunch guests will visit the ancient cities Santos, Xsantos, Patara (Roman Time) with a minibus
Day 7:
Early morning start and sail to Turunз. Breakfast will be served on route. After lunch in Turunç the boat will sail to Kızılada. Late in the afternoon the yacht will arrive to Fethiye Harbour after 1 hour way. Dinner on board and overnight in Fethiye
Day 8:
After breakfast on board the guests disembark


These scripts and photographs are registered under Copyright 2006, Roxelane Yachting / Antalya – Turkey. All Rights Reserved.



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