Yours to savour are long, sun-filled days on the water, sailing from pristine anchorage to scenic cove, dropping anchor to swim, snorkel or dive in the clearest of turquoise waters… followed by evenings of dining on exotic fare, shopping for gold and Turkish rugs, or joining in on village celebrations, and dancing well into the night.

As you slip into a daily routine of morning swims, lazy breakfasts in the cockpit, day sails and afternoon ramblings ashore, you soon discover that yours is a very special kind of vacation, one in which time ceases to matter and the days are recalled by the ports you have visited and the fabulous sites you have discovered along the way.

The crew are at your disposal and will see to it that your days are as full and active or as quiet and restful as you need them to be. In fact, your only concern is how best to spend your time: where to go, where to anchor and what to do ashore by day and by night.

If after having read this you conjure up as your ideal vacation the luxury of doing as little as possible, just sitting back and enjoying the passing scenery as your yacht drifts along, you might be persuaded to charter a yacht – a sailing yacht, a motor yacht, a yacht yacht – it’s a unique way to travel and one which you will have to sample at least once in your lifetime.

The choice of yachts for private charter is extensive: sailing yachts with Turkish crew, European crew or American crew, classical and modern motor yachts, motor-sailing gulets and bareboats – either with or without a skipper – this latter choice is for sailors, people with a skippers licence, extensive sailing experience or a desire to learn.

Crewed Sailing Yacht
The crewed sailing yacht yacht holiday gives you the opportunity to try out sailing with the security of having an experienced crew along for the ride. On such a vacation, the choice is yours to do as much or as little as you like: you can either join in and help trim the sails or steer the yacht, or just sit back and let the crew do all the work.

The choice of sailing yachts is vast, from small and yet sturdy ocean-going ketches with a cosy cabin for a couple to cruising maxis with over 5,500 square feet of sail. Tell us what you have in mind, what size, what type and what range of price and we will do our best to match you with the right yacht for your vacation.

Crewed Motoryacht
Charter your own floating island! Motor Yacht vacations spell hours of fun and activity: most carry a whole range of watersports equipment and the crew are there to provide the necessary tuition. Chartering a motoryacht also means you have more of the home comforts at hand – generally speaking, more room to move and no heeling whilst under way!

The faster the motoryacht, the more you can see in a short space of time, so if yours is the trip of a lifetime and you absolutely MUST see all the highlights, consider chartering a motor yacht

Crewed Motorsailer (Gulet)
Chartering a gulet give you the chance to enjoy the ultimate Turkish cruising experience: this is a relaxedkind of holiday where you will be expected to do nothing but suit yourself, all aboard a big, beamy vessel with lots of deck space and four or more spacious cabins. Your every need is attended to by your Turkish crew who will endeavour to introduce you to the richness of the Turkish culture. It is essentially a gourmet cruise!

If you can gather together an able crew : skipper, first mate, cook and deckhands, then charter a yacht of your own and see the coast at your leisure, spending a week, two weeks or a month moving in and out of all the bays and inlets along the coast. There are so many bareboats to choose from, some are the very latest models and all are in top condition.

If you plan to miss nothing, hire a skipper with local knowledge – someone who can show you where to anchor and what to see ashore.

If you will skipper the yacht yourself, we will need a copy of your skipper’s licence, or some proof of your competence, such as a log book or references from charter companies through whom you have chartered bareboats in the past.

Cabin Charter
The alternative to chartering a private gulet is to hire a cabin on a gulet and join a set departure, set itinerary cruise for a week of total relaxation on the Gulf of Fethiye, the Gulf of Gökova, the Gulf of Antalya and the Greek Islands.



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